In this lesson, we will make a delicate mousse cake & stork figurine from fondant and wafer paper

✓ Difficulty: for beginners
✓ Training in video format

✓ Feedback from curators for the entire access time
✓ Detailed recipes and step-by-step instructions

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  • Step 1 Cake Making: Almond Dacquoise / Lemon Curd / Strawberry Confit / Bavarian Mousse / Mirror Glaze
  • Step 2 Making a stork from fondant & wafer paper
  • Step 3 Painting the stork figurine with food dyes
  • Step 4 Final assembly of the cake

ARTEM BROWN, master confectioner

In his hands, a selection of simple products turns into stunning desserts and cakes that can surprise even the most sophisticated critics. With it, even the most complex elements and recipes are easy!

EKATERINA GERASIMOVA, master confectioner

A high-class specialist in making figurines from fondant and chocolate, capable of imagining and recreating any characters, fairy or fantasy heroes.

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