How it works

You are a student of Gnut Cake School.

Your friends and acquaintances admire your results. You tell them about us, share your experience, and they also come to our master classes and courses.

Is that great? Sure!

But in that case, your contribution is left without gratitude ... So unfair, isn't it?

We are grateful for your loyalty and are interested in long-term cooperation. Therefore, we are ready to give your friend 20% discount and pay you up to 20% of the cost of any order that your friend makes using your recommendation.

For example:

The average bill for our courses and master classes is now 5,000 ₽

If someone pays for the course using the link with your personal affiliate code, you will receive:

5,000 ₽ × 20% = 1,000 ₽

And if it is more than one person? It's not hard to count :-)

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