Сute autumn cake that will suit both a traditional holiday table and a Halloween-themed party🎃

✓ Difficulty: for pastry chefs of any level
✓ Feedback from curators for the entire access time
✓ Detailed video and step-by-step instructions

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— Filling recipe"Caramel-orange honey cake with custard"
— Recipe and video tutorial of making ganache
— Cake alignment, work with chocolate
— Working with fondant
— Final assembly and painting of the pumpkin

This lesson is suitable for both beginners and professional pastry chefs, and you can recoup the cost of training from the very first orders!
  • Video tutorials with a detailed demonstration and comments from teachers

  • Step-by-step instructions, theoretical material, product list and technology description

  • Individual support and answers to all questions, while access to the lesson is open

  • Access to videos for 1 year, text materials and recipes remain with you forever
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