delightful cake for wandering enthusiasts and treasure seekers

✓ Difficulty: Medium

✓ Feedback from teachers

✓ Access for 1 year, opens immediately after payment

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— Recipe and video of the filling "Shortcrust pastry cake with sour cream and dried fruits"

— Smoothing with ganache, chocolate coating

— Decor made of fondant and wafer paper

— Assembling and painting the cake

You will gain skills and learn secrets from the chef, which will be useful for creating your own author’s masterpieces!
  • Access immediately after payment
  • Video tutorials in Russian language with English subtitles, detailed demonstration and comments from teachers
  • Step-by-step instructions, theoretical material, product list and technology description — everything in English
  • Feedback & support from teachers & curators; answers to all questions while access to lessons is open
  • Access to videos for 1 year, text materials and recipes remain with you forever
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