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Delicious dessert with blackberry confit and pistachio mousse

✓ Difficulty level: easy 

✓ Training in video format 

✓ Feedback from curators for the entire access time 

✓ Detailed recipes and step-by-step instructions

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— Cooking technology:

  • Japanese biscuit (sponge cake)
  • Blackberry confit
  • Pistachio mousse
  • Mirror glaze

— Assembling desserts

You will gain skills and learn secrets from the chef that will be useful for making other desserts and creating your own masterpieces!


The most attentive and scrupulous chef, who does not lose sight of any detail. Artem teaches how to make the best desserts in the world, bypassing thousands of mistakes that are encountered on a new path!

Artem's works:

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